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Software biofeedback system to improve your meditation


Informations about Samadhi-Training

Konzentrationsmeisterung (Samadhi-Training)
Ab Windows XP®, Windows 10® kompatibel

A feedback system for your meditation

Concentration is the basis for successful meditation and altered states of consciousness. Until now, it has hardly been possible to really determine the improvements of one's own concentration and thus to make a learning success visible.

This program records your concentrated phases during meditation using a simple method, and presents them graphically to you in various ways afterwards.

This is the first time you have feedback and you can see if you are practicing enough, practicing properly, and even seeing how your ability to concentrate improves.

This control not only increases your motivation, but also your learning speed, as your mind is constantly corrected in its methodology by the program automatically.

HakenEasy to use at any time without any effort
HakenSimple data logging. No electrodes etc. are needed
HakenDetailed instructions and free e-mail support
HakenDownload price only: 29,90 EUR
HakenGraphical representation of all your recorded concentrated phases
HakenAlso on the way. App for Android smartphones is included.

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